Your CLUTTER is impacting you!

How do you feel when you look at this messy room?

Whether you realize it or not your home and all the things within it both REFLECT and AFFECT what happens in your life. It's hard to move forward, to feel motivated and to change anything in your life when the stuff in your space is making you feel guilty or tired, overwhelmed or just not very good.
Your CLUTTER is impacting you!

How do you want to feel?

Wouldn't it feel amazing to have your home feel OPEN, Inviting, ORGANIZED, Peaceful and SUPPORTIVE?!

How do you want to feel?

💜 Love from Clients 💜

“I have been working with Kim Julen for several years & she has been very helpful to my personal life & my business! I have signed up for many of her services, including Love Your Life, Feng Shui consults, and the Costa Rica retreat. Her insights have been invaluable to me & I am so grateful 🙏 to know her & have her be part of my journey!! Thank you for everything Kim! 💗😎”

Kari OlsonKari Olson

“I am filled with thanks and gratitude for the work you do with feng shui and having been led to speak to you earlier this year. Of all those names that were on that list, you jumped out as one I needed to connect with and I sure I am glad that I followed that guidance! You are a joy to work with and a fabulous example of doing what you are guided and meant to do.”

Connie MattsonConnie Mattson

“Kim has been a vital part of helping me to have clarity and decision making possible. As a mom, and business owner things move fast and I often have many decisions to make at once 😇When I've felt scattered or undirected, Kim helps clear the chaos and I feel grounded👏🏻 She has made my life easy and peaceful. She is spot on. She is worth every penny!”

Zgia KjonaasZgia Kjonaas

“I've been experiencing some positive shifts in my life and many of them are a result of Kim's Feng Shui suggestions. Things have changed along with my attitude! Your work has had a positive impact on my life and I really appreciate you!” ”

Rebecca ElderRebecca Elder

Decluttering Your Home Can Change Your Life

This Declutter Course is UNIQUE

I combine a Step by Step approach with my Feng Shui expertise and personal Tips and Tricks to make decluttering and organizing so much easier for you!

  • Declutter Step by Step

    This course is self-paced and on-demand so you can access it anytime. It includes 11 LESSONS + BONUS content & the course walks you through decluttering your entire home STEP by STEP!

  • Feng Shui Perspective

    Your instructor, Kim, is a Feng Shui expert who helps you understand the energy of your clutter, why it makes you feel the way it does and provides ways to motivate you to clear it ONCE and FOR ALL!

  • Additional Resources

    You'll also receive Feng Shui resources to help you balance the energy of other spaces, like your CAR and your REFRIGERATOR as well as helping you determine how to HANDLE SPECIFIC ITEMS, like ashes.

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Let's Get Decluttering!
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Regular Pricing - $198 USD

You'll be amazed at how ENERGIZED and FREE you feel after each area you declutter! But it all begins with YOU taking the first step by REGISTERING right here RIGHT NOW!

Meet Kim Julen

Feng Shui Intuitive Coach

Kim Julen, founder of Finding Your Fiji and the Love Your Life Initiative, is a dynamic speaker and Feng Shui Intuitive Coach. Her Feng Shui expertise, intuitive skills and extensive personal development and business knowledge create a unique approach to resolving your business and life issues. Kim is a WWS Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, IFSG Red Ribbon Practitioner and Board Member and Certified Angel Card Reader. Kim graduated from St. Thomas College and has trained with world leaders in business, spirituality, and personal development. In 2017 Kim moved from Minnesota to Maui, sight unseen, to make her dream life a reality. Through her Love Your Life group coaching program, Feng Shui consultations, Angel Readings and courses Kim brings awareness to those things that are keeping you stuck and helps you stop spinning your wheels and start taking action with clarity and confidence to bring Harmony to your Head, your Heart and your Home. She is passionate about helping you create a life and business filled with ease, daily magic and joy and guiding you in “Finding Your Fiji” and living a life you truly love!
Meet Kim Julen